Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break

I returned a few days ago from a country that I’ve always dreamed of visiting: Italy! Not sure if it was my lifelong love of Italian food, but for some reason ever since I was young I have wanted to go to Italy. And this spring break I was blessed enough to do so. There is just way too much to put in one blog post, so I’m just going to put some highlights. My friends Megan, Allison, Simone, Kenny and I set off for our adventure. We started with three days in Rome, caught an early morning bus to Siena, situated in the heart of Tuscany. There we stayed at an Italian villa about twenty minutes outside of the city for one night. The next morning we caught yet another bus to Florence where we spent two days. After Florence we took a train to Bologna, where we explored for the day and then hopped on our flight back to Edinburgh.


1. Pretty much everywhere you looked was something amazing..

Trevi Fountain


One of many awesome ceilingings in the Vatican

2. The Pizza

3. The great views


1. Our amazing villa and their fields. We really enjoyed playing cards and drinking our villa's own wine while watching the sunset.

Florence: I enjoyed just wandering around Florence and taking it in. We found a great little pastry shop way outside of the toursity area which was fun. The markets were also great, along with these things..

1. Ponte Vecchio Bridge

2. Gelato

3. Sunsets


1. View from the top of the tower we climbed

2. The unique character of the city.. a lot less touristy than the others

I loved this trip- I have nothing bad to say about it. I had an amazing group of friends to travel with, and we had our fill of incredible sights, sounds, and food of course!

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