Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunny Skies

Once again, apologies for such a delayed posting! The past few weeks have been great. Fairly low key compared to my first month or so, at least it feels that way. Two weekends ago I went to the Highlands for a church retreat with the church I've been going to here. About 30 students went and it was such a relaxed, nice weekend. We had two sessions a day with a speaker and the rest of the time was pretty much our own. We went for a hike, which was beautiful! It had snowed the night before so everything looked really nice. I also got to play soccer which felt really good. Lots of baked goods/coffee/tea were also consumed!

The time between the weekend and now has been pretty relaxed. Two friends (different from the birthday) visited last week so we went out quite a bit and I got to show them a lot of Edinburgh. I had an essay due last week, along with one this week, so I have also spent a bit of time in the library. Saturday we went to a place called Calton Hill right at the end of Princes Street (the main touristy street in Edinburgh). It was beautiful- after a short walk you get a great view of the city and there are some interesting things up there.

Partially completed Parthenon in memory of Scottish soldiers who died in the Napoleonic Wars.. Unfortunately the project ran out of money in 1829.

The weather has been absolutely perfect the past few days. Since Saturday, it's been near 50 and sunny each day. So nice and unexpected! I've really enjoyed being able to run outside and just sit outside in the sunshine. Sunday was a really relaxing day- after church some friends and I got coffee and sat in The Meadows (a big park) just because it was so nice out! Wednesday night I went to a friend's flat from church who invited a group of us over for dinner. So great! I've found that people here my age are much more proper than we are in the States! They seem to all be amazing cooks and love to entertain! We had a delicious dinner by candlelight!

Tomorrow is a big day- we leave for Dublin! Eight of us are going and we are so excited! Just packed my bag- only bringing my backpack, and somehow managed to fit everything. I'll be back on Monday, and will be sure to update the blog on all things Dublin!

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